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Civil Litigation

Litigation is never easy and can be costly from both a financial and emotional perspective. Lawsuits often arise from traumatic events or are the result of a significant change in your life. Dealing with the emotional turmoil of divorce or the aftermath of a painful accident can be difficult. We are here to help.

Litigation can be disruptive. In pursuing a legal dispute our goal is to protect your interests while minimizing the disruption to your life. Initially we approach legal disputes as a collaborative process because we believe the easiest and best solution involves negotiation with open and honest dialogue. Often, this approach results in a mutually agreeable solution that is both faster and less expensive than resorting to litigation.

If negotiation is not successful, we might pursue alternative dispute resolution methods including arbitration or mediation. Sometimes, though, litigation is the only solution. If so, we will aggressively represent your interests and you can count on our years of experience to guide you through every stage of the legal battle.

Some examples of the cases we can help you with: